110W High Power

RGB Video Light

Step-less adjustable RGB color and dual color
temprature feature ,color range 3200K-5600K,
With 768 LED bulbs.Master-Slave control system.
Multifunctional LCD Display Screen.


Lighting Kit

Welcome to "GVM-110RS".This Product is specially designed for senior
photography enthusiasts.The product is suitable for live/outdoor/
studio photography, and also for YouTube video shooting
The main features of the product are:
Outstanding color
CRI 97+
Step-less adjustable
RGB 0°-360°
Each side
Power of 110w
Color temprature
Save time and effort
Joint Control

RGB Multi-color

The 110RS has two output modes
The first mode allows you to change the adjustable light color ,range 0~360°
and color saturation from 0-100%.dimming is equally convenient via another
knob that adjusts the light intensity from 100-0% with the negligible color shift
Special effects offer more options for video,photography,advertising,movies,
and sports events.

Bi-color Output

The 110RS has two output modes
The second mode is the color temper at ur e f r om 3200k 5600k
or anywhere in between means that you can quickly match the
prevailing ambient or artificial light balance with a simple twist of a knob

Master/Slave Mode

Joint control between lamps and lamps
Prepare two or more lights,set one to master mode, and the others to slave mode,
and set the channel values of all lights to the same channel value,so that you can
control the light of the slave through the knob of master .Synchronize the light of master and slave

Display Screen


DC Power Option

Multifunctional LCD Display Screen
The multifunctional LCD screen displays various parameters,such
as brightness,color temperature,hue,and color purity .
DC Power option
The Video lighting kit can be powered with
an DC adapter(Include) for indoor use or
or NPF series batteries ( Not Included)for out door



110W High Power RGB Vi deo Li ght
Brightness can reach
16000l ux/ 0. 5m, 4200l ux/ 1m

Ultra-high CRI 97+ helps to restore

and enrich the color light

object providing anatural

Brightness can reach

and vivid shooting effect to you


1 Light Kit(BOGO)

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