75W high power light,

Consist with 1128pcs Highlight LED beads,
lumen is 27000lux/0.5m,11000lux/1m.

Wide use scenarios

It can be used in studio, video recording, live broadcasting, shooting, etc
It can provide perfect lighting effect


The RGB panel light is the largest light-emitting area
in the US market, with a size of 13.8*7.9 inch,
and the light-emitting area of each GVM 1500D light is
equivalent to 2-3 times that of ordinary lights.


RGB Video Light

2021 Upgraded RGB video lights,
75W high power light, Consist with 1128pcs Highlight LED beads,
lumen is 27000lux/0.5m,11000lux/1m.
Larger and longer light-emitting area.
Outstanding color
CRI 97+
Step-less adjustable
RGB 0°-360°
Each side
Power of 75w
Scene lights
8 Special lights
Smart connectivity
GVM Control APP
Save time and effort
Joint Control

Bi-color & RGB

Output Ways

The first mode is where the color temperature is
between 3200K and 5600K.
The second mode allows you to adjust the hue output
and color saturation of red, green,and blue from 0% to 100%.

8 Kinds of

Scene Lights

APP Intelligent

Control System

Featuring Mobile Bluetooth APP control function
can be controlled light by smart mobile device
Search the APP “GVM_LED” from major APP stores or the manual




Light Stand

Solid & Adjustable Light Stand,
Made of aluminum alloy,
giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work.

Lightweight design

Thin to 3cm
1.55kg weight

GVM 1500D

RGB Video Light

Advanced Professional Level

The GVM 1500D RGB video light is an ideal choice for
photography, interviews and live broadcasts, and film
shooting that require the best precision, accuracy,
and flicker-free output light color.

GVM-1500D is a powerful and practical RGB full-color photography light
Power up to 75W, can also install folding and diffuser,
Avoid excess light, make the light softer,
Custom control of fill light makes it easy to get the results you want.
Optional grille softbox also available
After installation, the light effect can be softened, gathered,
Aluminum alloy has a solid structure and efficient heat dissipation
Therefore, it can provide stable and consistent high output for a long time during the service life.
And GVM-1500D has a lightweight and portable design
The dimensions are 270x418x40 mm and the weight is only 1.55kg
Suitable for live broadcast/outdoor/studio photography etc.75

True soft light source

GVM-1500D provides a smooth and even beam field by combining the latest wide beam, true-tone SMD LEDs and diffuser plates. The large surface area of the panel produces a bright, surround output with clean, soft shadows and acts as a beautifying light on the body.

High CRI High Brightness Lamp Beads

Scientifically design the typesetting layout of lamp beads to make the light projection more uniform
Higher brightness, low pearl luster decay, long service life
Infinitely adjustable RGB color and dual color temperature characteristics
Brightness/color temperature/hue/color purity can be controlled at will
Color temperature range 3200K~5600K
With 1128 LED lamp beads, it helps to restore and enrich the color of objects, providing you with natural and vivid shooting effects.
CRI 97+ restores the true colors of beauty and has more realistic color reproduction
The captured picture is more vivid, the color of the characters is more realistic, and the texture of light and shadow is better
Cool and warm two-color mode, let your works have more color imagination, and make creative videos easily


Full color output

GVM-1500D provides 8 scene modes
2、Police Car
5、Bad Light Bulb
New creative scene lighting effects, make your works more exciting and dynamic

Excellent excellent brightness

High power 75W LED video light.
Lumen parameters: 9770lux/1m, 30800lux/0.5m
An ultra-high color rendering index of 97+ helps restore the truest colors.
And it can enrich cold and warm light, full color light and provide the most natural light feeling.
Make this luminaire suitable for live use in live rooms and small film and video crews.
Provide you with vivid shooting effects and provide users with a hassle-free experience.


Dual power supply mode

Default distribution power cord adapter, also supports GVM-F750 external battery
It is convenient for photographers to fill in light for outdoor shooting.
Powerful LED lamp beads
Create stable and efficient continuous output optical resources.
Make your photos or videos brighter and clearer than you expected
Built-in high-definition digital display for easy access to dimmable parameters
Used to display useful information such as brightness value, color temperature, battery level, channel, control mode, etc.

APP intelligent control system

GVM-1500D has mobile phone Bluetooth APP control function
Lights can be controlled via smart mobile devices
Search APP “GVM_LED” from major APP stores or manuals
One or more GVM-1500D devices can be controlled simultaneously.
The APP can also control the lighting effects.
This saves a lot of time and effort when operating multiple GVM-800Ds in the field.


master/slave mode

Through the knob on the panel and the clear LCD display
Rotary buttons, set channels, adjust color temperature/brightness parameters
Or by downloading the GVM APP on the smart device for convenient operation.
With intelligent light control, one person can control the entire studio.
Support mobile phone APP remote control, with online control function.
One can control multiple lamps at the same time

CCT mode:

White light color temperature adjustment mode, adjustable light intensity and color temperature. CCT (Related Color Temperature) mode allows accurate adjustment of color temperature from a comfortable warm color of 3200K to a dark sky blue of 5600K to match any lighting conditions, such as warm shades of a terrible sunset, cool shades of bright sunlight in summer, or blue moonlight in a clear, dark sky. The green/magenta correction function in CCT mode allows fine-tuning matching with other HMI, LED or fluorescent lamps or accurate color balancing for different camera sensors.

RGB mode:

RGB color mode, can adjust red light, green light, blue light respectively, to achieve 1.6 X 1010 color adjustable.

1500D with standard diffuser.

In addition, 1500D uses the Baorong card design, which can be used in combination with various light effect accessories with the Baorong card to provide more options for your creative shooting and create a wonderful variety of movie and TV blockbusters.


Transport box

The GVM-1500D panel and all its main components can be stored in an optional box. The built-in foam cushion protects the lamp body and accessories for easy transportation and safe storage.

2 Light Kit


3 Light Kit


3 Light Kit+Battery*3

Update Simulate Scene Modes

The video light simulates 8 kinds of scene lights. It enriches your shooting environment, including TV, Candle, Cop Car, Lightning, Paparazzi, Disco, Party, Bad bulb

RGB 1500D support master and Slave control mode

you could set one light as the master mode and other GVM lights as Slave mode, which you could easily control all lights with the master one.

APP Intelligent Control System

The video light is equipped with a Mobile App control function, download the GVM app in major app stores (such as Apple Store/ Google Play. Etc. ) Convenience to control the accurate color and temperature you need. Effective for your video shooting.

Built-in LCD Digital Display

LED studio light designed with built-in LCD digital display for accurate brightness and temperature adjustable, more efficient operation for your photography shoot lighting. Color temperature dimmable from 3200K to 5600K, and the brightness from 0% to 100%.

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