With a clever design that features removable components and a camera mount that puts a new spin on the concept of "ring light", the GVM LED Ring Light Soft Light 600S from GVM has six 13" LED Light Bars configured in a star-like shape connected to, but removable from, an open circular camera mount that you're meant to shoot through as you would a ring light. The 600S has a wide 120° beam spread with the bars attached, but the beauty of the design is that you can remove one or any number of them to use as a hair light or sidelight—or anywhere you like to create a sense of depth.

The 600S has a 3200 to 5600K adjustable color temperature to seamlessly blend with any ambient illumination, it's dimmable from 10 to 100%, and maintains a very high CRI/TLCI rating of 97+, your assurance of superior color rendering regardless of hue or light intensity. The 600S runs on universal 110 to 240 VAC power via its included adapter and comes with a 7.25' light stand and carry case for storage and transport.

Multiple Uses

This video light can be used as a ring light, while the light bars are detachable and can be used separately. The adaptable light source is ideal for professional photographers and videographers.

High-Powered 90W System

The GVM-600S is equipped with 480 SMD LEDs with a high CRI of 97+. The fixture's unique construction and adaptability make it a great choice for indoor and outdoor photography lighting, portrait, fashion, live shows, wedding. art, advertising photography, video shooting, etc.

Dimmable LED Ring Light

Color temperature is adjustable from 3200 to 5600K and can be dimmed from 10 to 100%.

Sturdy Bracket

The included aluminum stand is adjustable from 32 to 87".
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