motorized camera slider

Wireless Professional Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider (32″)
One can support multiple shooting modes dolly rail slider
Wireless APP control available camera slider
8-layer carbon fibre camera slider


div camera slider

Professional wireless 2-axis carbon fiber motorized camera slider
This is a dolly rail slider that is compatible with various cameras and can support multiple shooting modes
Support 360 degree panoramic shooting, and the shooting mode can be set manually or automatically
Delay shooting, freeze frame animation and other modes to shoot at will
With anti-collision system, you can better protect your equipment and camera
A camera slider with hidden dual motors makes it easier to carry
Ultra silent stepping motor drive technology provides you with a quiet photography environment


automatic slider

Carbon fibers specially designed for video productionmotorized camera slider (32″)
With smooth mute and stable anti-shake dolly rail slider
Wireless APP control available
One compatible with all cameras camera slider


camera slider motorized

Aluminum alloy motorized camera slider (31)
With 120 degree panoramic shooting
This dolly rail slider has tilted support up to 45 degrees and 2.5 kg
Made of aluminium alloy for more durability
Camera slider with multiple shooting modes


motorized slider

camera slider motorized

This is a professional video wireless carbon fiber motorized camera slider 360 degree panoramic shooting Two-axis dolly rail slider two-axis angle offset can focus more accurately on the object you are shooting as you move Wireless APP control and Bluetooth wireless control are available A very professional camera slider


slider video

Wireless carbon fiber motorized camera slider
A dolly rail slider that can support multiple shooting modes
Professional camera slider with smooth mute and stable anti shake function
You can set the starting point and ending point at will
Set the automatic travel at will
Easily compatible with various camera devices


camera slider

Professional carbon fiber flywheel dolly rail slider
Upgraded Fluid Damping
A camera slider with stainless steel damped flywheel
Powerful load-bearing, compatible with all types of camera equipment

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