The LT-10S Smartphone Video Camera Rig Light from GVM features a dual-handgrip design and includes an adjustable smartphone holder that you can attach in the center. Mount virtually any smartphone while the high-bright LEDs deliver a 5600K color temperature with a 97 CRI and 0 to 99% brightness dimming. An included L-series battery neatly installs on the back and powers the light and a photo trigger on one of the handgrips. The trigger works wirelessly over Bluetooth to let you take photos with your phone without having to remove your hands from the handgrips.

This rig is suitable for vlogging shots in which the camera faces you, as well as for a variety of other setups. Two shoe mounts allow you to attach accessories, and multiple 1/4"-20 threads throughout let you mount the rig on tripods and stands in vertical and horizontal setups. The rig also supports an optional 9V/12W DC power adapter.

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