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GVM BP-A60 Dual Charger with Battery for Canon C300 Mark II, C200 & C200B (6800mAh)


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Product Overview


The GVM BP-A60 Lithium battery warehouse Dual Charger with one Lithium-Ion Battery set is designed to provide all you need to power Canon EOS series cameras that accept Canon BP-A-type batteries. The 100-240V dual charger features two BP-A60 battery plates and an LCD display that shows battery charging status. The charger provides 1.5A when a single battery is in the charger and provides 1A to each battery when both are charging simultaneously. The charger has a pre-charging feature that helps to extend your battery’s life. The charger also features a USB output that provides a 5V, 2100mA charge to a smartphone or small device while the charger is plugged into an AC source. The batteries have no memory effect and are fully decoded so they can be fully charged with accurate power metering.

LCD Dual Fast Charger, Wide Range Compatibility

It can charge for batteries with 6.8V-16.8V of any capacity. Control MCU can automatically identify the voltage of the battery, going intelligent charge when being charging, and prevent from overcharging.

Two Charger Baskets

Two baskets can charge two batteries at the same time, change different plates, suitable for most digital batteries. Two baskets

Charging Type is CC/CV With Good Reliability And High Efficiency

With the function of pre-charging and li-ion battery 0V activation which can effectively extend battery life.

Fully Compatible Model List

Canon Battery BP-A30 BP-A60 BP-A90, Canon Battery Charger CG-A20, and Canon EOS C200, EOS C200B, EOS C300 Mark II PL Cinema, EOS C500 Mark II 6K Full-Frame Camera.

Key Features

  • AC100-240V 50/60Hz 1500mA(Max)
    DC12-24V 3000mA(Min)
  • DC8.4V / 12.6V / 16.8V
  • Wireless Smartphone Control in APP Mode

In the Box

GVM LCD Charger with BP-A60 Battery

1 x Replacement BP-A60 Battery

1 x LCD Dual Fast Charger

1 x US Power Cord

1 x Car Adapter

1 x LCD Charger User Manual


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