GVM LT-50S Bi-Color LED Video 2-Light Kit


Number of Lights: 2-Light Kit

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50W Powerful led light panel; CRI>97+ Help you restore true colors.
Designed for Perfectionist Photographer and Professional Studio Photography Lighting. Great Helper To Every Photography Lovers.

Unique brightness: True 50W Power. Help you restore the most realistic colors. After our test, this led lighting even more brightness than our lighting panel with 896 lamp beads.

Improve efficiency: Led video lighting equipped with an optical lens, which can improve the brightness of the lighting direction and effectively increase light availability. The brightness will triple brighter than normal panel light.

Smart cooling system: Built-in cooling fan will be turned on when you adjust the power above 70%.Designed for energy saving. But does not affect the heat dissipation. This design greatly increases the life of this video lighting.

Well Structured: Made of high-quality ABS plastic with a specially designed adapter buckle, collateral barn doors, and diffuser all-in-one, very portable and stable. With 360° rotate U bracket, You can hang it on the ceiling, lighting the floor or background.

APP Control

GVM’s mature software control system can easily link the main lights through your mobile phone. One set as master, other lights set as slave. You can control more than ten lights at once.APP adjustment is as smooth as knob adjustment. After you finish setting up the scene, you can finish your operation all by your phone. No need to spend time adjusting the light one by one.

High Lumen CRI>97+ LED Video Light Kit

144 Powerful LED Light Beads. The video light through the Optical Lens could be used more effectively but soft enough. No need to worry about the output lighting will too strong to affect your shooting. These video lighting kits also come with a soft diffuser.

Unique Design Led Video Lighting Kit

GVM is always looking for a more humane design to provide better equipment for every photography lover. This time we upgraded the hardware to achieve a true 50W power and made more in-depth use of optical principles. The Video Lighting Panel is required with Optical Lens, which could increase triple brightness than the normal light panel.

Long Service Life

We designed a U-shaped bracket with a card slot for the adapter. Shell is made of ABS engineering plastic. We also put on a built-in fan for this video lighting. Efficient heat dissipation could extend the life of the LED Panel up to 70,000 hours.

Key Features

  • Top CRI/TLCI 97+: Restoring the true color like sunlight in critical photography, makeup, or video shooting scenes;
  • Groups & Channels: Make one as master and others as a slave, You can control 10+ lights at the same time
  • Input Voltage: 110- 220V/50/60Hz DC15V Power: 50w
    Exclusive battery gusset: For Sony V Mount/V-Lock Battery(Not include)
  • More than 50W: With a new design, this model of light equipped with an Optical Lens can increase the brightness triple, brighter than the normally led light panel

In the Box

GVM LT-50S Bi-Color LED Video Panel Light

1* Bi-color LED Video Lights

1* Stand

1* Adapters

1* Power Cables

1* Battery Cables

1* Pro Soft Diffuser

1* Barn Doors; (DC15V / Sony V mount battery power supply, battery not included)

Additional information

Number of Lights

2-Light Kit


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GVM LT-50S Bi-Color LED Video 2-Light Kit
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