GVM SLIDER-80 Wireless Professional Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider (32")(Ship From Netherlands)


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Product Overview


Professional film grade motorized camera Slider

The all new GVM-Slider 80 is a professional film-grade carbon fiber Motorized camera Slider with a tilt support of up to 45° and a load capacity of 2.5 kg. It supports a horizontal camera of up to 11 pounds and supports 120° panoramic shooting. The actual picture quality is very stable.

High quality carbon fiber

The GVM-Slider 80 uses carbon fiber as its main material to make it more stable and shake resistant, ensuring stable video and clear photography. Ensures lighter overall weight and provides independent adjustable feet that allow you to fit on uneven surfaces, almost any flat or uneven surface.

High capacity, high load carrying capacity

Slider 80 features ultra-quiet stepper motor drive technology, imported bearing rollers, and 4400mAh external high-capacity battery for longer operating time up to 6 hours. This belt-driven Dolly Slider is available for horizontal and tripod mounting tilt Settings and supports cameras up to 11 pounds horizontally.

Screw installation

The Slider 80’s camera Slider with 1/4 “and 3/8” threaded holes is compatible with light holder and camera tripod for securing your camera with a compatible tripod head or ball head. Its pad prevents distortion and allows for more secure attachment of your gear.


Automatic trip

Arbitrarily set the starting and ending points on the operating equipment. Optional motor torque setting. Slide interval (1-999) Stop time (1-999) Photo Number (1-1000) automatic cycle.

Video shooting

After the key points are set, automatic round-trip can be realized and video shooting can be stopped at the point. The running speed can be adjusted during the shooting process. When the slide track runs automatically, the running of the slide track will not be affected even if you quit the APP.


After setting the key points on the operating device, you can go to “Time-lapse Settings” and set the various parameters you need. You can set various parameters for time-lapse shooting directly on the remote control, without the need for another remote control.

Slide interval: 1-999 Stop Time: 1-999 Photo Number: 1-999 Automatic loop: Yes or No If you want the camera platform to pause at each ABCD keyframe, you should set A as the starting point and D as the ending point.


Compatible with all kinds of equipment

The GVM-Slider 80 is a universal Slider plate with 1/4″” threaded holes for securing most DSLR cameras. (even with 1/4″” to 3/8″” screws) various accessories easily match.

Especially high compatibility, bearing function is very powerful, compatible with all kinds of photographic equipment, including SLR, micro, camera, camera, mobile phone, etc., easy to shoot all types of video you want.

Manual and automatic control

The shooting mode can be set manually or automatically to create special track time-lapse photography. Can set object and camera tracking, camera will follow the object. Make your shooting easier.

Stable image stabilization

The Slider 80’s thickened carbon fiber rails and lever locks ensure steady video and smooth shooting. Knob lock design, easy to lock the slide track, more stable during shooting or moving.

Super silent stepper motor

Slider 80 features the newly upgraded ultra-quiet stepper motor drive technology for precise positioning and accurate shooting. In the photography work, the outstanding advantage is mute, shooting use, its bearing is more smooth, better stability, no sense of frustration, can let photographers use handy. The electric camera slider is used in conjunction with the whispering sound to provide you with a quiet photography environment.

120° sweep shot

Slider 80 has a built-in ball head, and Camera Slider can achieve 120° panoramic shooting. Select panorama mode and set key positions and number of photos according to your needs to take amazing photos.

With focal shooting

Slider 80 has its own adjusting rod, and camera Slider can achieve accurate focusing shooting, adjust the distance position according to need, and shoot amazing shocking short films.

Wide range of application

Slider 80 is suitable for a wide range of wedding photography, advertising shooting, corporate promotional video shooting, TikTok, video shooting, product shooting, movie shooting, food photography, etc., all perfectly fit together

Wireless APP control

GVM Motorized Camera Slider with APP control allows you to easily manipulate camera Slider from afar and set the required parameters for the Motorized Slider simultaneously, compatible with manual and automatic modes.

In time delay shooting, it can intelligently calculate the shooting time and the number of photos, so that users can fully grasp the shooting indicators.

After adjusting the delay parameters, you can use the APP control offline, saving more power. It can work offline for 24 hours, making your shooting easier


Lightness is better

The Slider 80 is a second-generation lightweight technology with a portable case that makes it easy to carry around, operate, install, and store, making our shots much more efficient.


Independently adjusted foot

Slider 80 is equipped with 360° adjustable support legs, which can be used in various shooting angles. It saves you worry and effort, and you don’t have to worry about uneven terrain and rugged environment. The precise bearing can bring you the mysterious smoothness.

Electric video shooting

Slider-80 adjustable motor lets you set the speed of the Slider to provide smooth silent sliding action for your video. By setting the motor to slide back and forth automatically or a single slide, you can save time monitoring the camera or manually sliding the camera. The slide supports parallax tracking shooting or 120° panoramic shooting.

Ergonomic lightweight portable bag

The GVM-Slider 80 and all its major components can be stored in a lightweight portable case. The inner foam liner protects the slides and accessories for easy transportation and safe storage, minimizing the impact of collision when the photographer switches scenes.

Key Features

  • Motorized Video Shot
  • Time-Lapse Shooting
  • Adjustable Stepper Motor
  • Carbon Fiber Slider

In the Box

GVM Slider 80 Professional Video Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider

1 x GVM Professional Video Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider (32″)

1 x Controller

x L-Series Battery

1 x Battery Charger

1 x Controller Connection Line

1 x Camera Control Extension Cable

6 x Camera Control Cable

1 x Carrying Bag

4 reviews for GVM SLIDER-80 Wireless Professional Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider (32″)(Ship From Netherlands)

  1. 5 out of 5


    For Professional video I find this slider to be the best in it’s price category. The build is great and the sliding motion is flawless. I gave it a 4/5 stars because there is a slight (almost unnoticeable) shake as it reaches the end of its slide before heading back in the other direction. I intend to use it for Filming interviews which means I need to add a second camera for cutting away the shot if the bump is noticeable. Outside of that, comes in a great padded case. Also, their customer service was excellent!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Great motorized slider for the price. You control all the motions with the mobile app. Easy to setup and very smooth. I’m planning to use this for product shots and interviews. I can add motion to my second camera with the slider to use it as backup camera or B-roll. very excited to try it in my new projects. It comes with a carrying case, so it will not get destroyed in the car. Very well built and quality.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Purchased this for our church and have loved it so far! Great product

  4. 5 out of 5


    I’ve had this product for just over a week and it has exceeded my expectations. I used this with my Nikon Z7iii and the 16-35 2.8 lens as shown in my video. Setup was fairly simple and I like that it runs off a battery which GVM provides making it ideal for on location filming. The app is pretty straight forward and overall I find this to be a quality product and I look forward to seeing what other great products GVM puts out.

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