GVM-ST200R 200W Led Video Light RGB+Bi-Color Double Sided Daylight Balanced COB Light


Product Overview


GVM-LED Studio light-ST200R is a brand-new upgraded professional film-level dual-head spotlight
It is a new and upgraded RGB movie-level video light in 2022
Update the LCD screen that currently displays lighting parameters
Updated more comprehensive control modes, channel values, scene numbers and simulation scene modes
One end has a high-quality two-color temperature COB lamp bead, the color temperature is 2700-7500K
The other end is RGB lamp beads, there are 0-36000 colors adjustable
Both heads are 200W power
Bought 2 lamps for the price of 1 lamp
It also has lighting scene special effects, and both heads emit light at the same time, which can meet various shooting needs
High display number CRI 97+
Can effectively help restore and enrich the color of the subject
Provide you with natural and vivid shooting results
It can also provide excellent lighting effects for movies, film and television dramas, film and television advertisements, etc.

200W RGB bi-color lighting kit

The ST200R can be used as a studio standard two-color video spotlight
Also a compact and powerful LED bi-color spotlight
Lamp has a high CRI rating of 97+
is an indicator of advanced accuracy of rendered colors
Power up to 200W with standard lampshade.
After installation, it can avoid too strong light and make the light more concentrated.
Fill light with custom controls, making it easy to capture the look you want.
Aluminum alloy has a solid structure and efficient heat dissipation
Therefore, it can provide stable and consistent high output for a long time during the service life.
And GVM-ST200R has a lightweight and compact design
The size is only 290x212x123mm and the weight is only 3.2kg
One of the most compact stationary styles of its kind, it fits in most travel kits.


High quality two-color temperature lamp beads

GVM-ST200R has a wider range of color temperature than conventional spotlights
2700K~7500K dual color temperature stepless control, I wish you a good shot
Make the captured picture more vivid, the color of the characters is more realistic, and the texture of light and shadow is better
Cool and warm two-color mode, let your works have more color imagination, and make creative videos easily
Consuming only 200W of power, it produces a bright, daylight-balanced, uniform scene, about the same as the equivalent output of a 2400W+ tungsten lamp.

Cool RGB full color effect

ST200R has an adjustable color gamut from 0° to 360°, and it is more convenient for mobile phone touch screen control
Color as you like, cool RGB output
RGB stepless control and dual color temperature characteristics
Brightness, CCT, HUE, SAT can be controlled at will.
When shooting portraits with Ambient Rendering
RGB color light makes the picture more expressive
When shooting product advertisements and still life advertisements, it can shoot colorful textures
Instantly improve product quality


Powerful primary color COB lamp beads

The upgraded ST series adopts the latest high-quality COB LED lamp beads specially developed for the photo and video industry
Delivers impressive ultra-bright, sun-like balanced output from a single 200W COB LED lamp bead.
High color rendering index up to CRI 97+
This enables accurate color rendering on-camera, the most realistic reproduction of object colors.
In order to obtain professional results, it also provides you with natural and vivid shooting results.
It can ensure that the color layout in the matrix system and the CCT mixing in the beam area are uniform without color separation.

Excellent excellent brightness

High power 200W LED video light.
Lumen parameters: 7700lux/1m, 52000lux/0.5m
An ultra-high color rendering index of 97+ helps restore the truest colors.
And it can enrich cold and warm light, full color light and provide the most natural light feeling.
Make this luminaire suitable for live use in live rooms and small film and video crews.
Provide you with vivid shooting effects and provide users with a hassle-free experience.


Constant power 200W

Conventional two-color temperature spotlights use two different lamp beads to adjust the color temperature, which results in different powers for different color temperatures. The color temperature power in the middle is often high, and the power is low when the color temperature is low and the color temperature is high. Makes the brightness of different color temperatures different. The ST200R has upgraded the algorithm. While adjusting the color temperature of the two lamp beads, it will also automatically calculate the appropriate power, so that the power of different color temperatures is consistent. While adjusting the color temperature, it also keeps the brightness unchanged. In the case of maximum brightness, the constant power of 200W can be kept unchanged.

Durable construction and accessories

ST200R optimizes the internal structure, and the built-in U-shaped frame can be firmly connected to any brackets such as light stands, trusses, etc.
At the same time, GVM-ST200R improves the cooling space
Quiet design and improved intelligent temperature control mechanism
To ensure continuous and stable light source brightness output.
Three powerful cooling methods:
Intelligent temperature control;
Silent heat dissipation;
Rapid heat dissipation;
It can effectively help COB lamp beads to dissipate heat better and effectively improve complex heat dissipation.
If the shooting environment is too hot, the COB lamp head can be better protected.
Extend the life of the light.
And the fan is silent when dissipating heat, so there is no need to worry about interfering with the on-site shooting production.


APP intelligent control system

GVM-ST200R has mobile phone Bluetooth APP control function
Can be controlled from your smart mobile device.
Also supports Bluetooth mesh networking
It can be controlled with GVM brand equipment and support mesh network.
Search APP “GVM_LED” from major APP stores or manuals
One or more ST200R units can be controlled simultaneously.
The APP can also control the lighting effects.
This saves a lot of time and effort when operating multiple ST200Rs in the field.

12 light source matching modes

GVM-ST200R has a light source matching mode
This section has 12 different styles of lights
Alternative light source types


Local controller with battery board adapter

GVM-ST200R has intuitive local controls and bright LCD display
Built-in HD digital for easy access to dimmable parameters
Controller box allows precise and repeatable setup locally
The LCD display can be turned off to ensure precise lighting.
ST200R is ready for worldwide use
Thanks to the 100-240 VAC power supply
But it also has battery plates that allow you to use dual V-Mount batteries
The installation of V-mount battery can facilitate outdoor shooting and play an efficient and portable role in the outdoors.

12 kings of lighting scenes

ST200R contains 8 kinds of white light effects and 4 kinds of color light effects
The 8 white light effects are
4 kinds of colored light effects are

New creative scene lighting effects, make your works more exciting and dynamic


Universal Bowens installation design and DMX interface

By using the commonly used Bowens mount
ST200R can be matched with various light adjusters, such as diffuser, diffuser, standard cover, etc.
This makes the ST200R one of the most versatile lamps.
It allows you to engrave light art well.
ST200R is suitable for most application scenarios and creative scenarios.
With the push of a button and a quarter-turn, light dimmers can be quickly changed to keep up with today’s fast-paced shoots.
ST200R with standard DMX interface
Realize DMX low precision 8bit and 16bit high precision control mode.

Online control in master/slave mode

Through the knob of the local controller with a clear LCD display
Rotary buttons, set channels, adjust color temperature/brightness parameters
Or by downloading the GVM APP on the smart device for convenient operation.
With intelligent light control, one person can control the entire studio.
Support mobile phone APP remote control, with online control function.
One can control multiple lamps at the same time.
The main light can control the sub-lights, and only need to adjust the parameters of one light
Other lights are controlled online synchronously, and one person can easily complete the team workload.



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