Updated to be quieter and smoother, the 32" GVM Professional Brushless 2-Axis Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider lets you program and control remotely using the downloadable Bluetooth app. The slider features carbon fiber rails and delivers a smooth camera move. Dual motors allow the slider carriage to move along the rails and to pan 360°. The slider has a load capacity of 33 lb when horizontal, 5.5 lb at a 45° incline, and 4.4 lb when used vertically.

The system supports live video shooting, as well as time-lapse and stop-motion with multiple keyframed positions per move. Control the slider via the downloadable app, locally on the slider, or switch the motor to manual to move the slider without using motor power. The motorized slider powers from an NP-F750-type battery for approximately 16 hours. Six included camera control cables allow the system to trigger your camera for time-lapse.

Camera Control Cables

Included with the system are six shutter cables that allow limited control of your camera from the system, such as shutter trigger.

Silent Operation

Operating noise has been reduced to 38 dB, allowing you to use the slider during interviews.

Dual Motors

Concealed motors make shooting more convenient, and the dual-axis linkage can shoot in 360° panoramic mode.


Control the slider via the mobile Bluetooth app, via the control panel, or manually. You can easily switch the motor between manual or electric mode at will.

Stop-Motion Animation

The WS-2D added the stop-motion animation function to the basic function of the delay shooting, tracking shooting, and panoramic shooting, as well as automatic round trip.

Super Slow Shooting

The camera can easily and automatically synthesize time-lapse shooting.

Anticollision System

The motor has an encoder with an induction system to achieve soft route control that prevents the slider from hitting the end of the track during the operation.
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