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Carbon Fiber Slider
Smooth mute
App controlled
Automatic trip
Tracking Shooting
360 Degrees Panorama
Time-Lapse Shooting
Stable and Anti-Shake
Off-line working
Compatible with all cameras
Incline support up to 45° and 2.5 kg
Adjustable Legs
Can be hand-controlled
Stop-motion Animation
Ultra slow shooting

Support Multiple Shooting Modes

Automatic trip

Set the start and end points at will. Set the motor torque at will. Slip interval (0.1-999.9) stoptime (0.1-999.9) photo Number (1- 1000) auto loop.

Tracking Shooting

Set the start and end points at will. Set the motor torque at will. Slip interval (0.1-999.9) stoptime (0.1-999.9) photo Number (1- 1000) auto loop.

360 Degrees Panorama

The 2-Axis motorized camera sliders allows camera movement on two axis, Full 360-degree rotation on both horizontal and vertical axis, The two axis angular offset can more accurate focus on the objects you are shooting when you moving.

Manual & Automatic

Shooting modes can be manually or auto set up, creating a special trail time-lapse photography. Available to set the object to track with camera, camera will follow the object. Making your filming easier.

Time-Lapse Shooting

After setting the key points,you can enter the”Time Lapse Setting”, then set the various parameters you need.You can set various parameters for time-lapse shooting directly on the remote control, no need for another remote.
Slip interval:0.1 -999.9 Stop-time:0.1-999.99 Photo number :1 - 999 Auto loop:Yes or No If you want the camera platfrom pause at every ABCD keyframes,and you should set A as the start point,D as the end point.

Stop-motion Animation

Stop motion animation is to take pictures of objects one by one and then show them continuously, so as to produce characters as if they were alive or any strange characters you can imagine.

Wireless APP Control

The GVM slider with APP control gives you the convenience to operate the camera slider from distance and set the parameter you want for the camera slider, Compatible manual mode, and auto mode at the same time.
When shooting time-lapse, the shooting time and the number of photos can be calculated intelligently, so that users can fully grasp the shooting index.
After adjusting the time-lapse parameters ,the APP control can be used offline to save more power.
It can work offline 24 hours to make your shooting easier.

Anti collision system

The motor encoder cooperates with the induction system to realize soft stroke control, and the slider will not hit the edge of the slide rail during operation.

Well-thought-out right down to the smallest detail

Memory data

The app system can save parameter data and directly use the set parameters next time.

One key lock

Easily lock the slide rail for more stable shooting.

Multi-level Adjustment

Adjustable foot design to ensure the Dolly Track could be work on the horizontality

Compatible with various devices

Universal slider plate with a 1/4"" threaded hole to hold most DSLR cameras. (Even comes with a 1/4"" to 3/8"" screw) Easy matching of various accessories .

Concealed double motor

4400mAh Built-in high capacity battery offers longer working time up to 16 hours. This belt-driven slider can be used in horizontal as well as tripod-mount inclined setups, with up to 11 lb cameras supported horizontally.

Ultra silent step motor

Ultra silent step motor driving technology, you will get the precise positioning with accurate shots. The electric camera slider is working with whispered sound, provide you a silent photography environment.

Carbon Fiber Slider

Motorized camera slider is made of carbon fiber , that make It more stable and anti-shake, make sure to provide stable video and clear photography pictures convenient.

Console control

The manual mode can be directly controlled by the console, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Professional film grade motorized camera Slider

The newly launched GVM-W-2D is a professional film-grade carbon fiber Motorized camera Slider, with a horizontal 15KG(33 LBS), a tilt of 45 degrees 2.5kg (5.5 LBS), carrying capacity, supporting 360° panoramic rotation video shooting and stop-motion animation shooting. The actual framing is very stable.

High quality carbon fiber

Gvm-WS-2D is made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, which makes it more stable and anti-shake, ensuring stable video and clear photographic pictures. Ensures lighter overall weight and provides independent adjustable feet that allow you to fit on uneven surfaces, almost any flat or uneven surface.

Hidden double motor

The WS-2D incorporates hidden motors, imported bearing rollers, and 4400mAh external high-capacity dual batteries to provide extended operating time of up to 16 hours with continuous moving rails. This belt-driven Dolly Slider is available for horizontal and tripod mounting tilt Settings and supports cameras up to 11 pounds horizontally.

Screw installation

Ws-2d camera sliders with 1/4 “and 3/8” threaded holes are compatible with light holder and camera tripod for securing your camera through a compatible tripod head or ball head. Its pad prevents distortion and allows for more secure connection of your equipment.

Run automatically

Arbitrarily set the starting and ending points on the operating equipment. Optional motor torque setting. Slide interval (0.1-999.9) Stop time (0.1-999.9) Photo Number (1-1000) automatic cycle.


After setting the key points on the operating device, you can go to “Time-lapse Settings” and set the various parameters you need. You can set various parameters for time-lapse shooting directly on the remote control, without the need for another remote control.

Slide interval: 0.1-999.9 Stop Time: 0.1-999.99 Photo Number: 1-999 Automatic loop: Yes or No If you want the camera platform to pause at each ABCD keyframe, you should set A as the starting point and D as the ending point.


Compatible with all kinds of equipment

Gvm-ws-2d universal slider plate with 1/4″” threaded holes for securing most DSLR cameras. (even with 1/4″” to 3/8″” screws) various accessories easily match.

Especially high compatibility, bearing function is very powerful, compatible with all kinds of photographic equipment, including SLR, micro, camera, camera, mobile phone, etc., easy to shoot all types of video you want.


Manual and automatic control

The shooting mode can be set manually or automatically to create special track time-lapse photography. Can set object and camera tracking, camera will follow the object. Make your shooting easier.

Stable image stabilization

WD-2D’s thickened carbon fiber rails and lever locks ensure stable video and smooth shooting. Lever lock design, easy to lock the slide track, shooting more stable in the way of movement

Super silent stepper motor

WS-2D features newly upgraded ultra-quiet stepper motor drive technology for precise positioning and shooting. In the photography work, the outstanding advantage is mute, shooting use, its bearing is more smooth, better stability, no sense of frustration, can let photographers use handy. The electric camera slider is used in conjunction with the whispering sound to provide you with a quiet photography environment.


Anti-collision system

The motor encoder of WS-2D is combined with the newly upgraded sensing system to achieve soft stroke control so that the slide track does not touch the edge during operation, thus avoiding damage to the camera equipment and the slide track body during shooting and improving the safety of shooting.

Stop motion animation

WS-2D is perfect for stop-motion animation, capturing objects one by one and then continuously displaying them to create lifelike characters. You can give full play to your photography creativity and show your talents in your photography works.

360° panoramic shot

The 2-axis Motorized Camera Slider allows the camera to move on two axes, rotating full 360 degrees on horizontal and vertical axes, and the 2-axis Angle offset allows you to focus more accurately on the object you’re photographing as you move.

With a built-in ball head, camera Slider can rotate 360°, select panorama mode, set key positions and number of photos according to need, and take stunning photos.


Wide range of application

WS-2D is suitable for a wide range of wedding photography, advertising shooting, corporate promotional video shooting, TikTok, video shooting, product shooting, film shooting, food photography and so on

Wireless APP control

GVM Motorized Camera Slider with APP control allows you to easily manipulate camera Slider from afar and set the required parameters for the Motorized Slider simultaneously, compatible with manual and automatic modes.

In time delay shooting, it can intelligently calculate the shooting time and the number of photos, so that users can fully grasp the shooting indicators.

After adjusting the delay parameters, you can use the APP control offline, saving more power. It can work offline for 24 hours, making your shooting easier.

Lightness is better

WS-2D is a lightweight second-generation technology that comes with a portable case that makes it easier to carry around, operate, install, and store, which greatly improves our shooting efficiency.

Independently adjusted foot

Ws-2d has 360° adjustable support legs, which can be shot at a variety of angles and can be used in a variety of shooting modes. It is easier to worry about rough terrain and rugged environment, and precision bearings can give you smooth and smooth.

Three modes of operation

APP control mode: Download APP from mobile phone to operate GVM Motorized Camera Slider. The APP system can save parameter data, which can be used directly next time.

Built-in control mode: display, AB key point, select key and steering lever help you complete smooth shooting.

Manual mode: Turn off the power to switch to manual mode, and then manually control the slide.


Ergonomic lightweight portable bag

The GVM-WS-2D rail and all its major components can be placed in a lightweight portable case for safekeeping. The inner foam liner protects the slides and accessories for easy transportation and safe storage, minimizing the impact of collision when the photographer switches scenes.