The LED Bi-Color Soft Video Light Panel Kit with Two Stands from GVM is a good choice for beauty, makeup, hair, or for use as a main light in fashion or portraiture. The round, dimmable fixture has a 12" diameter and variable color temperature from 3200 to 5600K to match ambient light conditions, other fixtures, or just for creative expression, while its high CRI rating of 97 is your assurance of advanced accuracy in color rendering. The light is steplessly dimmable too, from 0 to 100% and while you can make adjustments locally on the fixture you can also make them wirelessly at a distance with your smartphone by downloading GVM's APP Mode. A bonus of the light's form factor is the natural-looking catchlights reflected in your subject's eyes.

When it comes to support, GVM has your back with the inclusion of a mono-stand with a desk clamp and a standard floor stand. The soft light is ready for worldwide use via its AC adapter but it will also run on two separately purchased NP-F-type batteries when mains power is unavailable.

Multi-Functional LCD Display Screen

The multi-functional LCD display screen can display color temperature, brightness, and various modes, allowing you to use the light intuitively.

Multiple Operation Modes

With the switch mode key, you can adjust Master, Slave, Rotate, and APP Modes. In Master and Rotate modes, you can adjust the color temperature 3200 to 5600K and brightness from 0 to 100%.

Online Control Mode

Take two or more video lights, set one to Master Mode, and the others to Slave Mode. Set all the lights to the same channel and they will mimic the Master.
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